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Elizabeth Provencio

Undergraduate Students


Elizabeth Provencio is a freshman student at the University of Arizona majoring in engineering. Elizabeth is also a member of the Honors College and Cambium, a S.T.E.M. scholars community located within the Honors College at the University of Arizona. Elizabeth will apply her interest and developing knowledge in the fields of engineering and the environment to help problem solve clean water and access issues for local Native communities as part of the Indige-FEWSS program under the tutelage of Dr. Karanikola. Recently, as part of her freshman engineering curriculum at the University of Arizona, Elizabeth and her engineering team designed, built, and successfully completed two solar based projects, one of which included making and programming a solar tracker using a solar panel and a servo motor in order to follow the path of the sun. Past projects Elizabeth has participated in include being a team member for NASA-HASP, which involved creating a possible solution to ozone deterioration, and RockSatX, which focused on testing an autorotation mechanism for space mission re-entry, while still in high school. Elizabeth is excited to be a part of Dr. Karanikola’s research team.