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Jack Welchert

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Jack has a background in molecular biology and biotechnology.  He received his bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Arizona in 2015 and a master’s degree in biosystems engineering also from the U of A in 2019.  He now currently pursuing his PhD in biosystems engineering with a minor in environmental engineering once again at the University of Arizona.  Jack clearly loves Tucson and the U of A. His dream is to develop bioregenerative and ecological life support systems that involve producing clean air, water, and food in closed systems.  Conducting research within a closed loop food, water, and energy nexus allows us to pursue novel approaches to resource optimization and conservation.    In his free time, Jack enjoys drinking beer, making bread, building things out of trash, and cooking delicious food.

Jack is currently working on designing and optimization novel cellulose derived sorbents for treatment of PFAS contaminated water.


Jack Welchert's CV